Americana Music Productions is proud to announce the release of its first project, Hotter Than a Bulldog Spitting In a Polecat’s Eye: Mable Hillery and Johnny Shines Live 1975. Limited to an edition of 250 hand-numbered LPs, this is only Hillery’s second full-length release and her first in over 50 years.

In 1975, brothers John and Jim Fishel organized the fourth annual Miami Blues Festival at the University of Miami in Florida. When blues legend Johnny Shines suggested an obscure traditional blues singer named Mable Hillery, the brothers booked her on the strength of his recommendation. In a special one-off collaboration, the pair dazzled the Miami audience with a set that harkened back to the classic blues of Bessie Smith, Ma Rainey, and Ida Cox.

Live 1975 offers an introduction to two extraordinary musicians, their music, and their belief in music as an agent for social and political change.

Approved by the families of Hillery and Shines and restored from the original soundboard recording by Grammy-award winning engineer Andreas Meyer, Live 1975 presents two blues masters at the height of their talents. 

The set includes original cover art by Rachel Meirs, as well as extensive liner notes, rare photographs, and ephemera. A booklet accompanying the LP features essays by Hillery and Shines’ musical collaborators. Bill Farrow illuminates Hillery’s 1967 UK tour and the story behind her only studio LP, while Davey Williams discusses Shines’ days on the Alabama jukehouse circuit with The Stars of Alabama.

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Parker Fishel